What your support means

Your Support

This is what your support feels like to our members and borrowers . . .

" Now I know that I’m so much more than someone with a bad back "

" I go from being invisible, making myself invisible, to feeling that I’ve got a platform and a voice "

" Be Your Own Boss was great - I didn't feel judged and we could all have our own ambitions for our business. Mine is a side-hustle, others are going full-out –but it worked for all of us "

" We make decisions on our own, and not just decisions about changing nappies or cooking food. It were decisions where we had a little thing going "

" I’ve got friends now, and something to get out of bed for "

" You’ve got a lot of group support. And you can learn things from each other. And you can support each other, and you can explore new things together "

" My business is becoming real – I’m still on Universal Credit but plan to be off benefits next year "

" We have a laugh and we’re making some pin money "

" I don’t feel lonely anymore "

" Working with Trust Leeds has meant I’ve set a critical path and a start date, and I’m already doing so trading so I know I can pay back my loan "

" I really like the "Be Your Own Boss" programme, because you’ve access to people that have all that experience, and the peer group that we’re in – I’ve learnt a lot from them More confident. I feel better in myself. That’s all I can say "

" Being a member of our SRG gave me the confidence to get my new job as a dinner lady "

Together we make a difference

by enabling hope, confidence, start-up capital, and support for enterprising people. This summary infographic shows how...
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