Community Self-Reliant Groups

Is it for me?

Do you want to do something more...
for yourself, your group, and/or for your Community?

If so, being part of a Self-Reliant Group can help you decide what and how. Find out how joining a group brings friendship, purpose, skills, confidence, and a laugh!  And how you can use your ideas and weekly savings to build your own Group Fund.

What is a Self-Reliant Group?

A Self-Reliant Group (or SRG for short) is a peer-group: people who live in the same neighbourhood, have things in common, or who already meet at another club or support group.

Between four and twelve people in a group all commit together to:
  • meet weekly
  • save together (for example 20p or £1 per member per week)
  • share their ideas, ambitions and skills
  • make collective decisions and rotate roles

Self-Reliant Groups grow their own confidence and their own Group Fund.  Some lend to each other, others buy materials or share with their community, some build businesses - as a group, or around one of their members.  Others simply, and fundamentally, gain in confidence, friendship and financial power by being there for each other, every week.


Saving, sharing, supporting


Rotating roles at regular meetings


Growing friendships, ideas and enterprise

A pre-enterprise support group which grows ideas

The journey to self-reliance

Group Gatherings

With the help of Trust Leeds, a small group of 4-12 people gets together and agrees to meet regularly

Small Savings
Save a little bit each week together
Share Skills

They share skills, learn from each other, and make decisions together.

Grow Confidence

They grow in confidence, support each other, and share the leadership so everyone gets a chance.

Create Projects

Using their own ideas and savings, and with the support of Trust Leeds, they can create projects, an enterprise or business


They are now Self-Reliant (No need for grants or funding)

Group Benefit

The group works together for the benefit of themselves and their community

Profit & Success

A group that is patient, dedicated and determined = Profit & Success


Read inspiring examples about what Trust Leeds’ community Self-Reliant Groups have done

If you want to find out more, we’d love to hear from you and tell you more about how we support Self-Reliant Groups to start and thrive.

Trust Leeds also offers training and support to other charities and community development organisations who want to bring the benefit of the global Self-Reliant Group model to their local communities. For more information, please contact Liza Kellett on 07957 150018

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