Micro-Finance Loans

Trust Leeds makes personal loans for business purposes to people in West Yorkshire who want to enterprise their way to a better future.

Is It For Me?

A Trust Leeds loan is for people who:
  • want to grow their own business 
  • are passionate about their plans  
  • have determination to make it work  
  • know what they know – and what they don’t know!  
  • are committed, and able to pay back their loan so others can benefit further down the line  
  • live and work in Leeds/West Yorkshire  

Trust Leeds is for local people with: 
  • a small enterprise or a solid business idea  
  • lots of passion and potential  
  • determination and resourcefulness  
  • a spark which is worth fanning  

Yet without: 
  • advantageous life chances and opportunities (under-served)  
  • strong credit histories (poor and/or financially excluded)  

Who want to:  
  • help themselves and re-write their own stories. 

A poor credit rating or past problems don't necessarily mean we won't lend to you. However, we are an ethical lender and will only provide loans where we are not adding to a borrower's problems or debts, and we are sure that the loan can be paid back. A credit reference check will be made to help us decide whether a Trust Leeds loan is right for each borrower.

It’s about trust

Representative Example

  • A £1,000 Trust Leeds loan repaid monthly over a term of 12 months

  • Total amount repayable £1,060 made up of £88.26 in the first month, followed by 11 further monthly payments of £88.34

  • Rate of interest 6% (fixed) per year with a representative 10.9% APR

Our Application Process

Tell us your plans
Get in touch in whichever way suits you, to tell us about yourself and your business ideas. (see Contact page for details)
Fill out our application
We'll send you information, requirements and our straightforward application form. You have a go at completing these and send them back to us. Give us a ring if you get stuck or worried, as we can talk you through these.
Meet up

We’ll go through the forms and do a credit check together: you need to tell us on your application if you have a poor credit history, and we need to understand all the circumstances, but we will still consider your application. Then we will discuss whether, or how, we can support you to build your business, and about how you can help to make sure things work out well.

As a responsible lender, we’ll review your credit history, bank statements and check over your application. We may have a few more questions for you, and then we’ll let you know if you can borrow from us to get your business going or growing.
If we can offer you a loan, we’ll sign the loan agreement together and make sure you understand and agree to the commitments you’re taking on.

Then we pay your loan over to you, and you start paying back in monthly instalments which start four weeks later.

Pay back

We keep in touch with each other, and talk through any worries or concerns until you’ve paid back your loan.


You're welcome to join our monthly face-to-face 'Be You Own Boss' business coffee club, where you'll meet other enterprising people like you to share ideas, support and successes.


Read about what Trust Leeds borrowers have achieved with their loans

As well as being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Charity Commission, Trust Leeds is a member of Responsible Finance, a representative body for community development financial institutions, which are professional and trusted organisations that act responsibly and treat customers fairly. All members are required to sign up to the Responsible Finance Code of Practice. It sets out the shared standards that all responsible finance providers must comply with.

Financial Code of Practice

The ten standards that members must adhere to are:

01. Clarity in respect of loan interest rates, repayment, default and cancellation arrangements

02. Customer awareness that the responsible finance provider adheres to these ten standards within the Code of Practice, in a customer-facing document published on their website

03. Legal compliance – the responsible finance provider will comply with all relevant laws, regulations and the requirements of its regulators, including the timely submission of accounts and returns

04. Clear financial processes – the responsible finance provider will adhere to financial approval and decision making processes, operate a well-managed portfolio, and its Board will monitor the finances of the organisation

05. Accountability by the Board – the Board will always act in the best interests of the responsible finance provider, representing its shareholders and/or members, and reporting back to them

06. Management of Risk – the Board will establish or ratify policies and decisions on all matters that might create significant risk to the responsible finance provider, financial or otherwise, and maintain a risk register

07. Internal controls – the responsible finance provider will maintain a set of procedures designed to protect against financial mismanagement and fraud

08. Conflicts of Interest: A responsible finance provider will manage any conflicts of interest arising out of its governance or business activities

09. Complaints: A responsible finance provider will deal honestly and efficiently with all complaints and if necessary will take part in conciliation or go to arbitration

10. Social Performance: A responsible finance provider will take steps to measure and report on its social performance

Members are required to provide evidence that they adhere to the Ten Standards of the Code of Practice, and they must follow best practice contained in the overall Code in proportionality to their organisation size
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