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Is it for me?

What is Be Your Own Boss Self-Reliant Group?

It’s an online Self-Reliant Group, supported by Trust Leeds, to think through the personal, financial, and operational considerations of becoming self-employed/setting up your own business, and to have the key features of a business plan in place. This year Be Your Own Boss is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

After 12 weekly meetings, members continue to meet and support each other, usually face-to-face. These monthly meetings of our ‘Be Your Own Boss Business Coffee Club’ are places where budding business people can learn, network and share challenges and victories.

Be Your Own Boss SRG

Be Your Own Boss Self-Reliant Group is designed for people who are unemployed, under-employed or low-waged.

Some members join with a strong idea for their business, others know they want to work for themselves but haven’t decided on what to do yet. Members are encouraged to develop their own business ideas, timescales and ambitions: all members learn together and have a support network long after the 12-week programme is finished.

“What a chilled and relaxed environment. It was great not to feel judged and that we could all have our own ambitions for our business. Mine is on a tiny scale at the moment – with big ideas - others are going full-out, but it worked for all of us.”

It takes commitment to become self-employed and run your own business. Trust Leeds commits to support members on this programme, at no charge, and to bring our network of coaches and business friends to support them where appropriate.

To benefit from this programme, the commitment from members includes

  • Attend the weekly online workshops (2 ½ hours with tea break) for 12 weeks
  • Do a bit of their own research, thinking and writing up notes between the weekly meetings (we provide a workbook and spreadsheets to make this straightforward for you)
  • Join in, share their ideas and support each other
  • Ask for help if they get stuck (we’re happy to have one-to-one chats to help you, at times that suit you)
  • Learn from our business coaches, allies and each other: all members dream of being their own boss
  • Continue to attend the monthly face-to-face Be Your Own Boss Business Coffee Club

What do I need to join?

  • You need to be committed (as above) and try your best to attend and join in
  • We give you a Workbook with straightforward worksheets and spreadsheets to help you get organised
  • You can make your own notes in whichever way works for you, and there’s nothing to hand in
  • As it’s an online course, you need more than a phone… a laptop is great, and if you don’t have one then we can lend you a tablet.

“I wasn’t sure about being on Zoom, but having a tablet on loan, and Trust Leeds help to get me going, convinced me to join in – now I’m really confident"

How do I join?

Our next Be Your Own Boss programmes start September 2023, Spring 2024 and Winter 2024. To find out more, please phone or email us. We’d love to hear about your ideas.

Be Your Own Boss is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Read inspiring examples about what 'Be Your Own Boss' Self-Reliant Groups have done

If you want to find out more, we’d love to hear from you and tell you more about how we support Self-Reliant Groups to start and thrive.

Trust Leeds also offers training and support to other charities and community development organisations who want to bring the benefit of the global Self-Reliant Group model to their local communities. For more information, please contact Liza Kellett on 07957 150018

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