Emmaus Leeds


Emmaus is an international movement to combat poverty and homelessness.  The Emmaus Leeds community provides a home and work in a supportive environment for 26 Companions – people who were homeless and who now live ‘above the shop’, helping to run its social enterprise and support each other to build their skills and make positive changes to their own lives and the those of the communities around them. 

Learn more on the website www.emmausleeds.org.uk, twitter @emmausleeds, or facebook. 

Better still visit the excellent second-hand furniture store at St Mary’s Street (Lincoln Green) or the market stall at Leeds City Market. 


“What’s so inspiring about Emmaus is that it helps people to help themselves to move on from homelessness – by helping others.  Through working and living in the community, Companions commit to work to the best of their ability and to help their fellow companies as well as the broader community.  The shop often donates goods and furniture to those in most need, and the Companions volunteer, fundraise and run community events for their neighbours.  Understanding that you have responsibilities, and a variety of people who are rooting for you and who can help you on your way, is a great step towards changing your own story.” 

Cath Follin, Trust Leeds’ founding Trustee  – who is also a Trustee of Emmaus Leeds 

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