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Support and Share

How you can share your expertise and support our work

Trust Leeds is a charity which helps people to lift themselves out of poverty by:

  1. providing small ethical personal loans for business purposes for enterprising people who are poor, who’ve been turned down by other loan providers, and whose family and friends can’t help; and
  2. nurturing Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs) which build skills, savings and enterprise-thinking in peer support groups in deprived communities across the city.

Together, we make a difference by helping enterprising people to help themselves.

Hope, start-up capital, support & advice for enterprising people.


How can you help?



Support the heart of Trust Leeds with a gift
  • £10 pays for a Self-Reliant Group meeting that inspires members
  • £100 a year makes you a member of the Trust Leeds Anniversary Supporters Club
  • £1,000 provides micro-finance loans for enterprising people facing poverty, and makes you a Trust Leeds Investor


Invest in Trust Leeds so we can invest in enterprising people

We can also accept interest-free loans from people and businesses, and many lenders are eligible for tax relief.

This means we can lend-on to even more enterprising people and give a social return on investment to our investors.



Share your skills & experiences to encourage others

Most borrowers are self-employed/sole traders, and often appreciate support, encouragement and a listening ear to help them resolve challenges.

Informal, regular or ad hoc support champions business success

Tell us about the skills you’d like to pass on.



Introduce borrowers, or nurture new groups

Do you know people who want to learn more about how being part of  Self-Reliant Group brings friendship, fun and a purpose?

Do you know someone who has a good business idea but who also faces poverty and financial exclusion?



Buy goods and services from Trust Leeds’ groups and borrowers

As the Trust Leeds family of self-reliant groups and business borrowers grows, we’ll feature their stories and their wares on our website.

If you’d like to discuss supporting Trust Leeds, please phone Liza Kellett, Chief Executive, for a chat on 07957 150018.