Self-Reliant Groups

Is it for me?

Do you want to do something more…
  • for yourself?
  • for your family?
  • for your community?
If so, being part of a Self-Reliant Group can help you with this. Find out how joining a group brings friendship, purpose, skills and a laugh.  And how you can use your ideas and savings to earn some money.

What is a Self-Reliant Group

A Self-Reliant Group (or SRG for short) is a peer-group: people who live in the same neighbourhood, have things in common, or who already meet at another club or support group.

Between five and ten people in a group all commit together to:

  • meet weekly
  • save together (for example £1 per member per week)
  • make collective decisions and rotate leadership
  • learn new skills which have the potential to lead to a business or community enterprise.

Self-Reliant Groups grow their own fund.  Some lend to each other, others share profits, some build businesses as a group or around one of their members. 

Others simply – and fundamentally – gain in confidence, friendship and financial power by saving and deciding what to spend their fund on.

A pre-enterprise support group which grows ideas.

They journey to self-reliance

With the help of Trust Leeds, a small group of 4-12 people gets together and agrees to meet regularly
They agree to save a small amount (e.g. £1) each week
They share skills, learn from each other, and make decisions together.
They grow in confidence, support each other, and share the leadership so everyone gets a chance.
Using their own ideas and savings, and with the support of Trust Leeds, they can create projects, an enterprise or business

They are SELF-RELIANT (no need for grants or funding).

The group works together for the benefit of themselves and their community

A group that is patient, dedicated and determined = PROFIT AND SUCCESS

We’d love to hear from you

We’d love to hear from you