Be Your Own Boss – Week 10 – 17.01.2022

The penultimate Be Your Own Boss SRG session was a little be different to usual. Members were invited to take part in individualised ‘masterclasses’ on with business allies and supporters, tailored to their needs. Zac (of 21degrees) was on hand to provide SRG members with knowledge of all-things Instagram, which is a particularly powerful marketing tool with over 500 million people using the social media platform on a daily basis. 

Zoe Aldous, local entrepreneur and beauty guru, and Nigel Greenwood, founder of Simply Customer Ltd, also hosted informal support sessions with some of our members to discuss any concerns, queries and to provide feedback to some of our Be Your Own Boss SRG members. This week’s session proved to be engaging and active, and we hope our SRG members gained useful information, skills and tools to further their businesses.