SRG members – commitment & saving

Our Be Your Own Boss Self-Reliant Group members have been sending us photos of their beautifully decorated savings jars and purses. Savings jars are particularly important to our groups, as regular saving is part of the commitment SRG members agree to when they join the movement – and we love to see the creative ways members do this! The amount doesn’t have to be a lot – it can be 50p or £1, but what this means is that SRG groups can gradually accumulate savings that allows them to become self-reliant. Members can then collectively decide what they want to do with that money. For example, our business-minded Glitter Fairies invested in a candyfloss machine, which they take to markets and community events to generate more capital! With our SNAP SRG group, they all share a common hobby: photography! With their savings, they are planning to create keyrings and Christmas cards to sell with the photos they have taken. We are really proud of our members who make this commitment – we know saving isn’t always easy, but it is beneficial to being a collaborative, independent Self-Reliant Group!