Be Your Own Boss – Week 7 – 22.11.2021

This week’s Be Your Own Boss meet-up was all about marketing! Nick Wayne came to chat to our members about everything branding, advertising and marketing! The groups delved into the 7P’s – from defining our products, to the places they could be sold, all the way to the promotion of goods. The most important feature our members explored (with the help of Nick) can be summarised in this simple message: Sell the sizzle, not the steak! We won’t give away too many secrets, but our members learnt a lot about how to sell their products/services using this simple trick… 

It was also interesting to hear about free, cheap and easy methods of communication that our members could use to promote their products (e.g. – social media platforms) and the freest, cheapest and easiest method of all: word-of-mouth! No business can survive without marketing, so a big shout-out the Nick for leading today’s session. 

In Part 2 of the session, Chief Executive Liza Kellett and team members Nicola and Kaitlin relived their market stall days and gave members a few handy hints and tips for hosting a stall. The handiest hint of all? Remember your gloves if you are doing a stall outside in winter! Interesting questions were raised about setting up websites, how to utilise social media and tips on how not to come across as a salesperson – whilst trying to sell something! 

Did you know? Every day, we are exposed to between 5 and 10,000 brands 

Quote of the day: “Let your promotional material do the selling…you just be you”