Be Your Own Boss – Week 4 – 01.11.2021

This week’s session was jam-packed! Beginning with a review of the Business Model Canvas, Natasha Babar-Evans (Chief Operating Officer at Wizu Workspace and Trustee at Trust Leeds) lead the team through a challenging yet thought-provoking session. We explored a variety of features, including understanding how to reach out to and get to know our customers; key partnerships and where to source these out; aligning our values with our businesses; cost structures and expenses and how to utilise different revenue streams. It was excellent opportunity for our Be Your Own Boss-ers to really try to nail a lot of the key details of their Business Model Canvases. During the second half of our session, our Be Your Own Boss members reviewed what it meant to be an SRG (Self-Reliant Group) – particularly the importance of saving. Whether it be to invest in one another, to give to charity or to go out for a meal, saving money together is a key feature of an SRG. 

Members then took part in the shape-personality test – a quirky test that allows people to gain an insight into their own approaches to the way that they work and to appreciate that everybody has different work styles – a key trait to possess when a member of an SRG! As one Be Your Own Boss member put it: 

“[It’s important to] have an understanding of how people work, why people work in a certain way… [when you do], you’ll have the perfect combo!” 

Whether you’re a hard-working square or a flexible squiggle, this week’s session gave members a crucial understanding of many key elements of setting up a business – and how they can work with others and themselves to achieve the best outcomes. A massive thank you to Natasha Babar-Evans for joining us today! 

Quote of the session: “In relation to being an artist, it’s very much an in-isolation process – something like being in an SRG can really help because everybody knows somebody else”