Be Your Own Boss – Week 3 – 18.10.2021

Planning: the focus of today’s Panda’s session of Be Your Own Boss! Using an ‘Ambition Tree’ framework, our members began to visualise where they would like to be in 6-months’ time, 12 months’ time and 24-months’ time. Plans are always juggle-able, and life inevitably gets in the way – but our members proved their abilities to envision a future for their businesses! 

Using a Business Model Canvas framework, our Monday members began to successfully identify and explore their potential ‘customer segments’. For example, one of our marvellous members is setting up a pet-sitting business and did an excellent job of determining their main customer segment as ‘pet owners who spend a fair amount of time away from home’. We then explored the concept of ‘Customer Value Proposition’ – using the previous example of pet-setting, our Be Your Own Boss member recognised they were trustworthy, reliable and had pet insurance – making them a more attractive service than potential other competitors! 

Cath Follin, Vice Chair at Trust Leeds, and personal life coach [??] then joined our session to discuss how members could achieve their goals. Working alongside committed Be Your Own Boss member and balloon-events entrepreneur Sarah, Sarah brilliantly managed to visualise her goals in 8 simple steps. Examples of this technique included stating the outcome you want using positive language e.g. – ‘I want more staff members’ rather than ‘I don’t want to work alone’ (HOT TIP: this works well with naughty children too!). Additionally, members were encouraged to identify any barriers they had encountered so far that had stopped them from reaching their dreams and searched for the internal and external resources required for their business ventures. Sarah effectively identified her goal (to have a premises and 10 people working for her in 3-years’ time), pinpointed barriers to her achieving this goal and successfully envisioned the next steps in her journey as the self-proclaimed Balloon Lady! It was fantastic to hear your story and ideas, Sarah!  

It’s a good job we have our fellow Be Your Own Boss SRG members to support and encourage one another other with this! 

Quote of the day: ‘there’s no failure, only feedback’