New ‘Be Your Own Boss’ SRG

We’ve launched a brand new online Self-Reliant Group called Be Your Own Boss! The title says it all- we’re arming unexpected entrepreneurs with the fundamental knowledge, support and inspiration to set themselves up in self employment. Combining peer support with expert advice, members participate in a two hour Zoom meeting each week. In getting the basics in place for starting up on your own, members have had advice, inspiration and reflections from Zoe Aldous and Brian Daniels, local entrepreneurs in very different fields and scales, giving Q&A style interviews, their stories of how, why and where they got their starts in business and offering helpful tips and mindset advice for getting business of the ground. Be Your Own Boss is proving to be an exciting opportunity to get together with others sharing a common goal, in the spirit of exploration, learning and mutual support. Following an intense three months of weekly meetings and coaching, plus individual goal setting and business planning, our new SRG members will: have designed their own Business Model Canvas framework; given a ‘pitch’ outlining their business plan to Trust Leeds’ allies and potential mentors; and formed their own self-reliant group to continue to encourage and support each other. 

As Liza Kellett, Chief Executive of Trust Leeds explains, “With COVID and the resulting economic uncertainty, more and more people are being pushed or pulled into setting up on their own.  Trust Leeds is building a network of Self-Reliant Groups in our city, focussing on East Leeds where ERDF Community Led Local Development funding is supporting our ambition.  Anyone who wants something more, for themselves, their families and their communities, can benefit from our support in starting their own group; and for those who are at that next step of wanting to work for themselves, our Be Your Own Boss SRG gives them the peer support and the business basics to get started. We’re here to help you get started and then walk alongside our groups as they build their own community enterprising projects or business plans.”

If you’d like to be part of something more, either in a community setting or with a business in mind, then please contact Liza at Trust Leeds on 07482 874595.