Trust Leeds SRG Christmas Online Shop

Around this time of year, our SRG members would usually be taking their handmade crafts to sell at local Christmas Markets. Of course, that can’t happen this year. Instead of postponing, we have decided to open an online shop! We are selling a range of bespoke items, including candles, tree decorations, crocheted face scrubbies and pamper gift sets. Find us on Facebook by searching ‘Trust Leeds SRG Christmas Shop’ – all likes, follows and shares appreciated! Find us on Etsy by searching ‘TrustLeedsSRGShop’. This is a year for buying and giving with purpose- support small, support local and support Self-Reliant Groups! 

All of our Self-Reliant Group members face challenges, for example, isolation, poverty, mental and physical health challenges, yet saving, sharing and learning new skills together results in pride, confidence, friendships and a real sense of achievement. Saving weekly, even small amounts like 10p or £1 promotes financial independence and builds the groups’ capital to buy equipment, or for activities. Very often, SRGs make donations from their group fund to support local community charities. As the benefits status of members varies so much, often members cannot earn, and in these cases, they donate their handmade goods and bespoke items to Trust Leeds to sell, with any profits helping even more people to set up their own SRGs.