Eco face-scrubbies – A SRG Challenge

Our Trust Leeds SRG members are an eco-conscious lot. Since becoming a part of the Boomerang Bags family earlier this year, (a movement encouraging people to sew their own tote bags and shun single use plastic, see our recent Blog article for more information), we have been searching for more eco-friendly inspiration. Many Self-Reliant Group members are well practiced crochet whizzes, so something that could be crocheted seemed an obvious choice. After seeking ideas online, and wisdom from a friendly crochet market stall holder, crochet face scrubbies were the idea that was settled on. A face scrubbie is a facial cleansing pad, a reusable alternative to cotton wool pads which, like cotton pads, can be soaked in skincare products and used on the face. The scrubbies are made with cotton (like the old-fashioned wash cloths – but much prettier!), crocheted into a series of rings to create what resembles a small doily. Our members are in the testing phase, making their own scrubbies and including them in their skincare routine. If the trials are successful, we hope that our members will be able to sell their creations. Big round of applause for eco-friendly alternatives and wish us luck with our making and selling! Ilona from the Grow Together Girls SRG has been a pioneer, and the pictures shows her early prototypes, alongside a lovely display by a friendly stall-holder who inspired this idea, shared her enthusiasm, and confirmed there’s a market (love the rainbow choice of colours).