Material Squares – A SRG Challenge

It’s been a tricky year for feeling connected to others. Lots of our SRG members know this feeling well and being unable to attend their weekly in person SRG meetings has made this feeling even more profound. When her neighbour gave Margot her a bag of material to pass on to SRG members, it gave Trust Leeds Chief Executive Liza Kellett an idea. A crafty project to work on individually, with the aim of eventually joining them together to create something fantastic. Armed with squares of red material (aka a satin duvet cover!), Liza visited the Leeds SRG members, giving instructions to create whatever motif they liked on their square. Our members are a crafty bunch, skilled at needlework, crochet and knitting. So far we’ve seen beautiful examples of embroidery, from floral designs to Self-Reliant Group logos. Perhaps we’ll see some painted designs, images made from sequins or gems, and hopefully lots more stunning embroidery! SRG member Janice has kindly agreed to stitch the squares into a banner, an artistic representation of all Leeds Self-Reliant Group members joining together. Watch this space for updates on our progress and to see the finished product!

Ahd from the Leeds Butterflies embroidered this


Sarah from the Glitter Fairy’s SRG made this one