Trust Leeds Asks for Your Support

Loneliness, poverty, isolation, poor mental health, lack of purpose and joy… these days many of our members are struggling even more to overcome their day-to-day challenges.  And we have more interest than ever before from people who see that being part of our Self-Reliant Groups can help them to help themselves – more so now since lockdown.

A regular gift of £10 per month will help Trust Leeds at its heart, building its resilience to thrive, grow and help even more people.
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Thank you.

Do you donate to Trust Leeds already? Thank you!  Would you be up for doing a shout-out to your contacts and friends via Linked In or Facebook?  We can provide an easy graphic for you to post: show you support us and encourage your friends to as well.  Email for a supporter pack.

And if you have any of the following you’d like to donate, please get in touch
  • sewing machines in good working order
  • umbrellas (yes, you can make handbags out of these!)
  • material (old clothes, curtains)
  • jewellery, trimmings, ribbons