Gathering of the SRG Clan!

The founder, nurturer and stimulator of the SRG-movement in the UK is Scottish charity Wevolution.  Every six months they gather the SRGs across Scotland – and increasingly from the growing SRG hot-spots of Manchester and South Wales – so that members can celebrate, reflect, learn and share.  Trust Leeds’ Liza Kellett joined the June Peer Gathering for a shot of inspiration and energy! 

“It was great to catch up with the group from Bury (pictured)  who I’d visited last year when I was just learning about self-reliant groups – they were really new too, and now they’ve been going a year and are making and selling their own products – still all together and supporting each other,” she reminisces.

“I was particularly struck by one SRG member who simply said of her experience with Wevolution, ‘I’m so proud of myself – it has changed my life’.  That says it all”