Presenting a ‘Leeds for Life Citizenship Award’

In her capacity as Chief Executive of brand new charity Trust Leeds, Liza Kellett was thrilled to be asked to present a citizenship award. 

The ‘Leeds for Life Citizenship Awards’ take place annually to celebrate the contribution that Leeds University students make to society both locally, nationally and internationally in a variety of areas including: education, sport & wellbeing, community, and environment & sustainability.   

They celebrate the positive impact that students have had by recognising their achievements and encouraging them to continue to volunteer after they graduate.  The University’s Volunteering Hub works with over 150 organisations each year. 

Three deeply impressive students were shortlisted for the Community Award: Katherine Ives for her volunteering with ‘Imagine If’ Theatre’ Company’s ‘Bird on the Wing’ project; Molly Hughes who worked for PACT Futures helping ex-offenders to transition and re-settle after prison; and Kearti Mondair who volunteered with local charity Hyde Park Source on its ‘The Lost Plot Group’.

Winner Kaerty Mondair was described as someone who ‘sees the humanity in everyone, in their stories and life experiences.’  Over the course of a year she worked with people who are recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, fundraised, and organised outings and outdoor activities. 

Liza reflected on her time at University  – the good, the bad, and the ugly – that had laid the foundations for her life values and career choices, and congratulated all the nominees for their qualities of hard work, generosity of spirit and commitment.